Hocking Hills – Ohio, Your best holiday bet

When it comes to taking a vacation in the USA, the only real problem comes with being spoiled for choice. Especially if you’re an outdoorsy sort. There’s so much wonder out there when it comes to natural gorgeousness, from the rolling sand and rock of the Midwest, to the lush forests of the north, to the damp wilderness down south.

In brief, the USA is a vast nation with a breath-taking variety of natural wonders – finding the right one to be the backdrop of your next getaway can feel a bit tricky at times.

But that’s likely why you’re here. In which case, allow us to save you a bit of time and dilemma: if you’ve a taste for Mother Nature’s beauties, your best holiday bet would be Ohio’s Hocking Hills.

Why? Well, firstly, there’s the simple fact that it’s beautiful. Hocking Hills is a lush and gorgeous part of Ohio’s Allegheny Plateau, rich in greenery and dotted with gorges, caves and waterfalls. It’s the sort of place where a lover of nature, seeking the sort of vacation that truly allows them to get lost in the wonders of the natural world, can immerse themselves completely in natural beauty.

And secondly, for the explorer who appreciates the outdoors, there’s so very much to do. As mentioned, the Hills, being located on a plateau, are topographically rough and rugged; and as a result, they’re simply replete with caves and rocky shelters. In other words, for the spelunker within you, there’s positively a whole network of underground wonders to delve into.

But the adventures are hardly just to be had below ground – no, wandering out under the open sky is bound to be just as invigorating and unforgettable. Hocking Hills, you see, is also home to a number of national parks, all of which are dedicated to carefully preserving the lush, green, woody beauty of the Ohio wilderness. These wide open expanses of natural beauty, combined with the dramatic topography of the region, provide ample options for outdoor exercise. There’s trails and walkways to cater to every skill level; in other words, whether you’re looking to test your limits with a rigorous hike, or simply a place to take a relaxing daily stroll under the shade of Ohio’s leafy woodlands, a vacation in Hocking Hills puts you right on the doorstep of just the place for such a blissful escape.

But what if your idea of the perfect outdoor escape takes place on the water? Hocking Hills are just the place for that, too. A great number of rivers wind their way through the lush fields and forests of the Hills; this makes it perfect for the explorer with a taste for getting out on the water and careening about with oar in hand, as there’s a whole world of canoeing and kayaking to be done. And even if that’s not your thing, well, thanks to the rugged topography of Hocking Hills, a great deal of the rivers drop off into waterfalls – which, as any nature-lover will almost certainly agree, is a sight of beauty quite unlike any other.

But for all the natural gorgeousness of the Hills, that’s hardly the sole reason why a vacation spent there is unforgettable. The Ohio communities within the region are vibrant and alive; and festivals, live music events, and outdoor markets bring bustling crowds to the streets all throughout the year.

And there’s the accommodation, too, of course – a necessity for any holidaymaker. Of course, a great many folks who pursue nature-based getaways prefer to keep sleeping conditions rustic, and opt to simply setup a camp – and goodness knows, there’s more than a few perfect campsites across this beautiful open space, if that’s your preference.

However, if that isn’t quite your thing – if you, or someone coming along for the trip, still has that indoorsy side flare up at times – then there’s also plenty of options for you. Naturally, what with Hocking Hills having become a favoured retreat among so many folks across the nation, a great number of accommodation options have sprung up – including a litany of luxury cabins and lodges. You likely know the sort we mean – the kind where you’ve a whole theatre in one room, a hot tub in the other, and enough bedrooms to host you and several friends; yet at the same time, the beauty of the Hills still lie right beyond your door, allowing you to step out for a stroll through the lush beauty of Ohio whenever the mood should strike you. And let’s face it: among nature-lovers like ourselves, it can strike at pretty much any time.

Putting it simply, folks: there’s really no need to agonise over the spot for your next outdoor getaway. Ohio’s Hocking Hills have everything that you could need to satiate your cravings for the beauty of the natural world. They are, in brief, the perfect place for your next retreat.