Places to Stay on a Family Getaway in the Hocking Hills, Ohio

If you are looking for a welcoming place to spend the most perfect family reunion or holiday, if you want to surprise your family and show them the most gorgeous landscapes, there is a wonderful place for you to do so, the Hocking Hills in Ohio. With picturesque nature, luxury cabins and attractive places and activities, you can be sure that this trip will become one of the most incredible adventures in your life.
Before anything, find yourself a nice place to stay which has everything you are looking for in it. There is a number of luxury lodges and cabins, and we are presenting you some of the best ones.

Bourbon Ridge Retreat

Bourbon Ridge RetreatDJI 0373 300x187 - Places to Stay on a Family Getaway in the Hocking Hills, Ohio is a beautiful and luxurious property that features the Maker’s Lodge and the Woodford and Bookers cabins. All the places are accommodated with the state-of-art technology and appliances and comfortable furnishing surrounded by magnificent views that you can enjoy through the huge windows in the living room.
The property is situated on 202 private acres and offers you a wide variety of activities. It’s located in the middle of the most appealing destinations. You can explore the beautiful nature featuring Old Man’s Cave, Cedar Falls, Ash Cave and more. Besides, you can go horse riding, hunting, and fishing with your kids, off-road vehicle riding – whatever you and your family enjoy.

At the territory of the property, you can also relax in custom-built in-ground heated pools and hot tubs, while enjoying the cozy cracking noise of the wood burning in the fireplace right by the pool.
You will not want to return home after visiting Bourbon Ridge Retreat. However, when you do, you can always come back again to stay in Maker’s Lodge this time which is perfect for large family reunions. And you can be sure you will want to come back again.

Rush Resort

Rush ResortRushResortPic 300x225 - Places to Stay on a Family Getaway in the Hocking Hills, Ohio is a unique luxury lodging in Hocking Hills offering engaging activities that will not leave a single person regretting their visit. The property offers large accommodations with a loft, entertainment unit that includes a movie theater and a large heated swimming pool.

You can enjoy the magnificent view of the breathtaking landscapes of Ohio while enjoying your family getaway with your loved ones.

During your stay at Rush Resort, you won’t have a second to get bored or bothered. A wide variety of activities is available to all the guests throughout the year.

Whether you prefer active experiences or calm, peaceful leisure – it’s all there. You can go horseback riding, or lazily canoeing down the river, or you can enjoy some mountain biking or rock climbing.

Every adventure will bring you a great number of happy memories and unforgettable experiences.

If you are looking for a place to go nuts with your family or even have a fancy yet small and beautiful wedding, this is it!

Webb Pointe

Webbpointe Lodge 2017 300x225 - Places to Stay on a Family Getaway in the Hocking Hills, OhioIf you are up to the most enjoyable trip and look for a wonderful place to spend it at, Webb Pointe is by far one of the most beautiful and luxurious lodging resorts. With its modern design incorporated with a peaceful forest landscape, it’s one of the best places to escape the everyday busy life and dive into an ocean of love, joy, and relaxation. For your family getaway, it’s a perfect and quiet place where no-one will bother your dalliance.

It offers luxurious accommodation with its own kitchen, comfortable furnishing, and common areas. Through a large see-through balcony, you can enjoy every inch of the magnificent landscape surrounding the resort.

Webb Pointe also offers a wide range of activities for couples and families, whether you prefer extreme action or peaceful adventure you will find the one for you. Among them, you can benefit from zip lining which provides you with a beauty from a bird’s eye view of the astonishing landscape, as you swing from tree to tree. You can also enjoy canoeing down the Hocking River with your kids.

On a horseback riding trip, you have a chance to get some unforgettable time while enjoying the wonders of nature coming at you from every side. And, of course, we can’t forget about hiking. On a hiking trip through Ohio’s Hocking Hills State Park you will be amazed by the gorgeous cliffs, gorges, and waterfalls. The adventure at Webb Pointe will help you create new happy memories and make this trip unforgettable, with your beloved and the Hocking Hills.

So, on your next family trip, just visit one of these resorts once, and you will never want to leave.