Things to Take on Your Family Trip in the Hocking Hills, Ohio

At any time of the year, Rush Resort luxury lodge welcomes each and every one of you to spend the most amazing and unforgettable vacation in one of our luxury cabins. The Hocking Hills is the most beautiful and unique place in Ohio that attracts travelers from all over Ohio and United States for family vacations, special events, friend getaways or holiday celebrations. If you have decided to spend a Christmas Eve or family reunion at Rush Resort Luxury Lodge in the Hocking Hills, prepare to have an unforgettable time and create the happiest memories.

Luxury Accommodations at Rush Resort

At Rush Resort, we offer our guests luxury accommodations with a wide variety of interior and outdoor comforts and luxuries. You can book one of the deluxe bedrooms accommodated with king-sized beds, 3D massage chairs, custom-built glass showers in a private bath, Jacuzzi Tubs, LED TVs with satellite, even Xbox Game console and, of course, gorgeous views. You will also have access to a fully equipped kitchen to prepare gourmet meals.

Outside, there are heated swimming pools and hot tubs to provide you with the ultimate relaxation, in-ground copper fire pits for a fun fire-camping experience, and a fully stocked fishing pond which not only provides a great view but a fun catch-and-release fishing activity your kids will love.

However, even though you can find everything you need at the resort to spend a perfect family trip, there are some things you may consider taking with you to make your adventure complete and unforgettable.

What to Pack with You on a Family Trip to Rush Resort?

Food Stuff

As we’ve mentioned, you have access to our fully stocked kitchen where you can prepare some nice gourmet meals for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Besides, there are several farmers’ markets in the area that you definitely will want to visit and try their fresh and delicious products. However, it is a good idea for you to pack some seasonings you like, for example, salt, pepper, maybe some scented oils and vinegar or other condiments and ingredients that you don’t want to buy separately. It might also be a good idea to bring some storage containers and plastic wraps, foil or zip lock bags for your food.

Extra Kitchen Utensils

We provide a wide range of knives and other kitchenware for your use during your stay, but if you are picky about your utensils, you may want to bring some that you are used to with you. Also, you can pack some special items you regularly use such as avocado slicers or lemon zesters so you can feel just like at home.
You can also consider bringing napkins and paper towels with you because you can never have too many of them, especially if you are traveling with kids. The kitchen though comes with the kitchen linens. One more thing that is irreplaceable on a cozy family dinner is a corkscrew so be sure to pack it up too. A bottle of fine wine is a great add-on to a holiday time, isn’t it?


At the territory of Rush Resort luxury lodge, you can find the in-ground fire pits available for your use. So to have a fun camping-like family time by the crackling fire you may want to bring some firewood or charcoals with you. However, you can also buy some upon arrival.

Medications and Sprays

You can never be too cautious about your health, and it’s better to be safe than sorry. So don’t forget to pack some medications you may need like an inhaler, pain relievers, hydrocortisone cream and aloe vera for bug bite and sun burns accordingly.

Also, you are going to spend your vacation out in nature so be sure to take some bug sprays and sunscreen.

Swimsuits and Towels

One of the important things to pack up with you – a swimming suit. At Rush Resort luxury lodge, you can enjoy our heated swimming pools and hot tubs. So remember to bring a swimsuit and a beach towel with you, so you don’t miss out on one the most relaxing and enjoyable activities here.

Camera, Charger, Power Bank

The Hocking Hills is one of the most spectacular places in southeast Ohio, so you definitely want to get some pictures for your family album to preserve the magical memories. Therefore, take your camera with you, and we guarantee you’ll be using it all the time. Of course, don’t forget a charger for it. Even if you’re using your phone to take pictures, you need to keep it charged to capture all the great moments.

If you’re planning to use your camera or phone a lot, it can be handy to bring a power bank with you to keep your battery from failing you at the moment you need it the most.

Hence, come to Rush Resort luxury lodge and enjoy every moment of your stay.