Unique Things to Do On Your Family Hocking Hills Getaway

Planning your family trip is a very exciting time whether it’s a short weekend for the 4th of July or a summer vacation. You have a variety of places you can visit, and it may get overwhelming choosing the best one. So, we have a solution for you – come to visit the Hocking Hills, a picturesque and beautiful area in southeastern Ohio. With its marvelous nature, luxury cabins and lodges, engaging and entertaining activities, your time spent here will bring you the happiest and the most unforgettable memories.

First of all, make sure to pick a place to stay where you can experience all the best that the Hocking Hills area has to offer and which will make you feel at home. We have the best options of 5-star luxury hotels for you which feature a beautiful design and offer a variety of luxuries such as luxe living areas, top-notch kitchens, heated swimming pools, hot tubs, and in-house cinemas. There you can find everything to make your family trip perfect.

Luxury Lodges to Stay At in Hocking Hills Ohio

Webb Pointe Luxury Lodge offers its guests luxurious accommodations with comfortable furnishing, fully stocked kitchen and magnificent views. You can also access heated swimming pool and bubbling hot tub or enjoy a movie at its own house cinema. While the place is quite large, with its cozy but sophisticated design, you will feel just like at home.

On the other hand, you can choose to spend your vacation at Rush Resort Luxury Lodge which also offers you a wide variety of luxury bedrooms with a range of interior comforts. The living areas are accommodated with king-sized beds, private baths with custom showers, fully stocked kitchens and top-notch technology such as LED TVs with satellite or Xbox gaming console. At the territory of the resort, you can enjoy some quality time with your kids at the catch-and-release fishing pond, relax in a hot tub or enjoy some camping experience by the in-ground fire pit.

These are just a couple of options that we offer. However, all of the featured lodges and cabins provide you with a great choice of entertaining attractions along with the living comforts. We have chosen some of the most interesting and unique ones for you.

Hocking Valley Scenic Railway

While visiting the Hocking Hills, taking a train through the historical places is one of the engaging activities you can do all together. Dive into the history of the region exploring the Robbins Crossing pioneer village. At a certain time, you can also encounter special train rides. Scheduled on a seasonal basis, there are special Christmas, Easter, the Great Train Robbery and wine tasting tours available for you.

Pencil Sharpener Museum

As odd as it may sound, there is a pencil sharpener museum which is located outside the Hocking Hills Regional Visitors Center. This is a tiny museum where, however, you won’t find any duplicates as every item is carefully organized by the category.
The museum displays a collection of 3,400 pencil sharpeners begun by late Paul Johnson twenty years ago. He began his collection with two sharpeners he received for his birthday from his wife, and since then it kept growing for the next 20 years. The collections feature various sharpeners such as travel or sport related together with the special collection.

Local Beer Breweries

If you are a beer lover, you will find the Hocking Hills a paradise. The region features a great variety of breweries from the most traditional ones to award-winning for their crafted beer. One of the most well-known beer breweries in the Hocking Hills is Brewery 33 in Logan. It has a cozy and homey environment and serves their unique Appalachian-style beer inspired by their German heritage. Besides, the brewery offers a wide selection of beverages for kids that they will certainly love.

There is also Devil’s Kettle Brewing, a microbrewery founded by Cameron Fuller in 2015. He grew up among the winemakers but later took a great interest in beer craft. So he started to focus on teaching himself beer brewing and after eight years of hard work has perfected his art. In 2013 he won a few medals and took Best in Show at Ohio Brew Week home brewing competition which set a start towards opening his own beer brewery. Today, he’s offering his guests a world class brew system.

So now that you know the best places in the Hocking Hills to stay at and fascinating things to do, all that you need is to get in touch with us and book your stay. Surprise your family by bringing them to the vacation trip of their dreams. And we can guarantee that the time you will spend with us will be magical and unforgettable.