Experience real luxury at our Hocking Hills Lodges & Cabins

Invigorate all your five senses

It’s no secret that engaging all our senses – hearing, sight, smell, touch and taste – makes any experience more vivid, appealing and memorable.

Experts in fields ranging from education, marketing and cooking to event planning, health care and architecture have long been aware of how important it is to tap into our five senses. Take this June 2014 article on fastcompany.com, for example. In it, writer Jane Porter explores the effects of lighting, ambient noise, room temperature, a place’s aromas and even what kinds of foods a company’s cafeteria offers. BY assembling a pleasing combination, employees are happier, more productive and focused.

Granted, Porter’s piece is about nurturing the creative process as it relates to business. But the same science holds true for our leisure time, too, as is explained in this piece by wellness guru Dr. Deepak Chopra. Imagine what engaging all five senses while vacationing at Hocking Hills lodges and Hocking Hills luxury cabins could do for you and your family’s overall well-being. At Ohio Luxury Lodging, we’ve spared no expense to ensure an immersive, enriching experience, engages all five senses, which our guests will likely never forget.

The Hocking Hills lodges and Hocking Hills luxury cabins in the Ohio Luxury Lodging line offer experiences like no other Hocking Hills lodges. From the moment our guests arrive at any of our properties, the sheer beauty and breathtaking scenery alone is overwhelming. There are huge, flourishing ferns indigenous to the region; lush, green open spaces; fields bursting with native wild-flower colors and rich, stately stands of mature hardwoods and evergreen trees. For many of our guests, it’s love at first sight and leaves an indelible imprint on their minds for years to come.

With each sweet-smelling breeze comes notes of pine in the air, wildflower and fruit tree aromas and, at night, the unmistakable scent of a clean-burning campfire. Then, there are the appetizing bouquets brought about by guests’ culinary pursuits – whether outdoors on one of the high-end Weber grills with which each property is furnished – or from within. The fully equipped, professional grade kitchens inside our Hocking Hills lodges and Hocking Hills luxury cabins have been designed and engineered to provide guests the highest level of culinary accommodation available outside a commercial kitchen environment.

Through these high-end cooking facilities, whether indoors or out, guests may create some of the most amazing tastes they’ve ever sampled. Either by doing it themselves, or arranging for a visiting chef to do the cooking, what guests’ senses of taste may experience at Ohio Luxury Lodging’s Hocking Hills lodges and Hocking Hills luxury cabins is limited only by their imaginations.

From the natural aural accompaniments present everywhere, all the time, in the Hockings Hills, to the high-quality engineered audio accoutrements we furnish for our guests, their senses of sound are also treated to luxury. Outdoors, sounds unimpeded by the constant hum of freeways, local traffic and the buzz of cities and suburbs abound. Guests are enchanted by the clean-smelling breezes whispering through the leaves, the chirps and melodies of native and migrant songbirds and the crackles of open fires deep into the night.

Inside our Hocking Hills lodges and Hocking Hills luxury cabins, we’ve equipped rooms with everything from high-end Bose and Harmon Kardon Bluetooth speakers to entire, multi-speaker, surround-sound movie theater rooms. No matter whether guests prefer the natural sounds that abound here, or they crave the sights and sounds of a movie, sporting event or to binge-watch a favorite series, the Hocking Hills lodges and Hocking Hills luxury cabins of Ohio Luxury Lodging have all the bases covered.

Even with all the attention paid to these well-appointed sensory offerings, the folks at Ohio Luxury Lodging did not forsake the importance of our sense of touch in any of its Hocking Hills lodges and Hocking Hills luxury cabins. Our soft, pillowy mattresses, richly appointed sheets, comforters and pillows are all hand-picked for their luxurious tactile attributes and relaxation-inspiring comfort. The temperature-controlled swimming pools at select properties offer the ideal respite after a long day hiking the Hocking Hills or exploring its rich history. And, to top it all off, there’s nothing like slipping into a 101-degree hot tub and feeling any stress drift away with the bubbles.

No matter which of your five senses beckons, there’s nowhere like the Hocking Hills lodges and Hocking Hills luxury cabins available through Ohio Luxury Lodging to satisfy.