Going On a Family Trip to the Hocking Hills?

Encounter the Most Attracting Adventures!

Once you have packed everything and are ready to arrive at Webb Pointe for your most entertaining trip, it’s time to research a little and find the most attractive and amazing things to do upon arrival. Webb Pointe lodge offers you lots of fun recreations along with family activities that you can enjoy. You can go on a horseback riding tour exploring the wonders of nature that the Hocking Hills has to offer or you can enjoy canoeing down the Hocking River (there are even moonlight tours available).

However, except for the luxury accommodations provided by Ohio Luxury Lodging and peaceful environment of the Webb Pointe, you can enjoy some other fun and recreational activities in the Hocking Hills, Ohio. We have gathered some of the adventures that every traveler will enjoy.

Moonlight Tour

Starting with the basics, the Hocking Hills offers the beloved couples a romantic moonlight tour down the Hocking River to renew their romance. The tour lasts all night starting at sunset and finishes at the canoe livery. During the romantic night tour, you can enjoy live music, fine wine and a bonfire at the end. Spend some quality time while your kids are sleeping or take them with you. They will surely enjoy the bonfire, and don’t forget to bring some marshmallows for them.

Torchlight Tour

Torchlight tour takes place on the Hocking River as well when it quietly drowns into the night. During the tour, you will be guided peacefully down the river by a tiki torch. Torchlight tour starts before sunset and continues for about two hours. During the first hour, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful sunset, and during the second hour, the moonlight will guide you back toward the canoe livery. After the tour, you can stay to enjoy some live music while frying some s’mores over the bonfire. Not only can you have a bit of a romance boost up but also your family will enjoy the music, bonfire and a little camping experience.

Old Man’s Cave

If you are a true nature enthusiast, you will love visiting some of the most beautiful areas in the Hocking Hills State Park. Old Man’s Cave is one of those amazing places that will take your breath away. Old Man’s Cave is a popular hiking destination in the Hocking Hills which is located in Old Man’s Creek. The Cave was naturally carved into a gorge by the Salt Creek flow and melting glaciers. The hiking tour to the Cave begins at the Grandma Gatewood Trail at the Upper Falls and connects the Old Man’s Cave to Cedar Falls and to Ash Cave. If you enjoy hiking and want to show your family some of the most amazing charms of nature, going on this tour is a must.

Lancaster Festival

Lancaster festival is a spectacular celebration in Ohio falling in July and featuring 75 different events and half of them you can visit for free. Taking place in Lancaster, Ohio, these are ten unbelievable days of fun, music, art and non-stop energy. At this fantastic summer celebration, you will enjoy live concerts of nationally recognized performers, see the award-winning orchestra, fancy a legendary art walk and find plenty of daily events for kids offering a wide variety of entertaining activities.

With all the events featured at the Lancaster Festival, you can be sure that this trip will come up in your conversations for ages.

Zip lining or Canopy Tours

Zip lining is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the Hocking Hills, Ohio. With more than 60 zip lines, you can enjoy the hair-raising landscape from the bird’s eye view while flying from the top of one tree to another. In the Hocking Hills, the zip line tour will take you through the tree canopy over the waterfalls and caves. For even more amazing impression and adrenaline, you can take the tour under the moonlight and enjoy the magnificent view under the veil of night. So, don’t be afraid to explore this exciting adventure with your loved ones, you will get a scope of unforgettable emotions.

Besides all the engaging and adventurous outdoor activities offered in southeastern Ohio, don’t forget that there are still a lot of amenities at Webb Pointe that you will love. After you have a fun and probably tiresome day enjoying hiking or zip lining, there’s nothing better than to relish a nice hot tub or relax in an in-ground heated swimming pool.

Also, you can finish up an awesome day with a quiet and peaceful evening having some quality time next to the fire. Just sit in the ample fire pit area on the territory of the resort, get some marshmallows to fry on the fire and enjoy the crackling wood, warmth, and togetherness.

So, if you are ready to have the most incredible and unforgettable vacation trip in your life, Web Pointe has opened its doors and is waiting for you.

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