Unique Corporate Events with Hocking Hills Luxury Lodging and New Leaf Wellness!

While we at Hocking Hills Luxury Lodging are dedicated to bringing you the very finest in luxury vacation rentals, we also specialize in spiritual, emotional and physical wellness retreats. When you put the two together, you achieve an enjoyable experience of combined relaxation and opulence, making memories that last a lifetime.

Thought Wellness Retreats Weren’t for Corporate events? Think Again!

Luxury wellness retreats aren’t just for couples and young families – they make an ideal place to hold your corporate event. Whether you want an exciting team building experience or whether you are interested in an Ohio based corporate treat for some of your high-end clients; a wellness center makes for the ultimate experience in relaxation.

Team wellness retreats are on the rise in the corporate world (HuffPost). Retreats are on the rise because they provide a break from work-related stress, improve company morale by an estimated 20% and give time to reflect on the progress already achieved. Unlike a regular team building activity, they do not bid your team against one another, but rather work by solidifying the relationships between colleagues and helping them find common ground.

So you see; a corporate wellness retreat with Hocking Hills Luxury Lodging and Laurel Run Farm could be precisely what your business needs to increase production and get better results!

Luxury Lodging in Ohio Has Never Been this Convenient!

As usual, we apply great attention to the fine detail that make our Hocking Hill Lodges so attractive. Each of our luxury Hocking Hills Lodges contain all the little premium touches that make our experiences stand out from the crowd and capture the imagination. The timber lodges are built to be spacious, inclusive of all amenities and pristine in their presentation.

When you choose a luxurious corporate or office retreat through New Leaf Wellness in partnership with Hocking Hills Lodges, you will be guests at either the sublime Laurel Run Farm or the stunning Bourbon Ridge Retreat. Both expertly devised specialty experiences will include classically decorated spaces, gorgeous furnishing and natural timber of the most exceptional caliber. As well as your choice of a Yoga or Wine-touring retreat for your clients, colleagues or executives, you also receive highly nutritious meals meant to build upon the wellness and well-being work done throughout the day.

At Bourbon Ridge, you have a few different lodging options that can really impress your clients or employees at your next corporate event. These lodgings include:

  • The Makers Lodge
  • The Ridgemont
  • Angels Envy

Each of these lodging options come with high-end amenities such as entertainment options (a pool table, video games, and access to the indoor/outdoor swimming pool), movie theater, and a great room.

Laurel Run Farm

As guests on Laurel Run Farm, you will be residing inside a 140-acre reserve set nearly a full mile back from the main road. Nestled between two peaks and buried in a private paradise you will find the perfect backdrop for any event, especially for your next corporate event. Imagine the pictures for your company website?


Hocking Hills Luxury Lodging

Our Hocking Hill Lodges present a fabulous corporate retreat space ideal for getting back to nature – while leaving the tents at home. Team members and colleagues can expect an indulgently decorated suite set among the trees, in an old world designed timber building that leaves nothing to be desired. If you are looking for an office retreat that can’t be argued with, then this is the place you (and your clients) need to be.


Entertain Corporate Clients, Executives and Colleagues

Why not treat those select clients, corporate execs or board members to an all-out-opulent health and wellness retreat as this year’s reward? A yoga retreat offers a beautiful way to reconnect with your spiritual side, while a winery tour provides just the right amount of flattery to make any corporate event extra special. Better yet, a wellness retreat with Hocking Hill Lodgings also includes the best in accommodations for your clients, colleagues or peers to unwind in at the end of a long day of relaxing. Encourage creativity, build positive client relationships and even reward your hardest workers with a corporate retreat worth its weight in gold.


Team Building with a Difference, a Hocking Hills Specialty!

Team building doesn’t have to be about competitions, quizzes or challenges – it can be about learning how to encourage one another, rewarding each other’s achievements and appreciating the value of each member’s individuality. Team building can be done over the course of a weekend, a few days or even a full week!

Team building corporate events put a fresh spin on a worn concept. While modern team building days tend to focus around group activities that encourage action – they tend to miss the point in thoughtfulness and consideration. A wellness retreat has so many benefits that it should be the first thought in your mind when planning a corporate event, team building exercise or client reward.

The Benefits of Corporate Wellness Retreats:

  • Clients, team members, and executives all feel more loyalty to companies who reward them and care about their health than they do to companies that don’t.
  • Seeing to an employee’s wellness reduces stress levels and makes for better in-work attendance in the long run (Health and Fitness).
  • According to Idealog, companies that take health and well being seriously attract and retain the right staff.
  • Your workforce will be happier, stay and work for you for longer, will do so with increased productivity and will make you more money — the bottom line of any business (Thrive Global).
  • Personal development is a considerable attraction to potential employees, giving you your pick of the best workers.
  • Everyone gets a chance to relax, get to know each other and focus on health and happiness, outside of working hours!

Hocking Hill Lodges: Bringing the “Lux” to Luxury

Whether you are looking for a fantastic family vacation or a corporate space to drool over, browse our website here at Hocking Hill Lodges and see if you can’t find the ideal luxurious lodge for your needs. We have something for everyone: and opulence is somewhat of a specialty of ours.